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A Lawyer; Subject Teacher in a primary or secondary school; Psychologist; Graduate in  English to Swedish translation results for 'education' designed for tablets and mobile devices. Possible languages include English, Dutch, German, French,  Secondary school to the age of 16 is available after this in the same building . The Swedish and English-speaking school, from teachers and  Level. Higher Vocational Education is at a post-secondary level.

Secondary education sweden

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Utbildningsvetenskapliga fakulteten University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Education Consequently, Sweden spends an astounding 8.3 percent of the Gross National Product on education, far more than most nations do. Primary through secondary education is fully paid for by the government. At the level of higher education, for example, the government pays the tuition of its students up to approximately the age of forty-five. How education should be applied or organised is a multifaceted question with historical, political, sociological, philosophical, economic and (special) educational dimensions. Education for all includes education at the upper secondary school level in Sweden, which is not compulsory.

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Education is provided in accordance with the Swedish curriculum for Swedish pupils whose parents work overseas. Secondary schooling in Sweden is voluntary, but nearly every student attends. Students who do not choose to continue with secondary education will be followed up with by their municipality until they are 20 years old. Upper secondary school is also called gymnasium in Sweden.

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At the level of higher education, for example, the government pays the tuition of its students up to approximately the age of forty-five. In all Swedish education, from secondary to upper secondary school, a six-point grading system is used. However, at upper secondary school for pupils with severe learning disabilities (gymnasiesärskolan), only the five pass grades are used (A-E). Upper secondary school or senior high school (gymnasium) Tertiary education; In Sweden, education is compulsory from the age of seven to 16 years, according to the Swedish Education Act. Although not mandatory, most children between one to five years join preschool, in either private or public institutions. Higher education in Sweden is financed largely by tax revenue. Tuition fees are fully subsidised for students from Sweden, the EU/EEA area* and Switzerland. Students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland pay tuition fees, but scholarship programmes that cover tuition and living costs are available for a number of non-EU countries.

3, School year: 2007/2008. 4 Upper secondary school - individual programme at compulsory school level.
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Secondary education sweden


HVE programmes combine theory with practical learning in a workplace.
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Public Reforms of Swedish Upper Secondary Education, 1991

Free admission services, official representatives. Discounts available on the official prices for talented students. Sweden: Upper secondary school in Sweden lasts for three years (formerly four years on some programmes). "Gymnasium" is the word used to describe this stage of the education system in Sweden.

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